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SalusGate pays great attention to the increasing health expectations by  patients worldwide. Thanks to its great insight of the Italian Healthcare System, SalusGate has opted to focus specifically on the treatment of Musckuloskeletal Disorders, State-of-the-Art Spinal Surgery, Bone Surgical Oncology, Joint Replacement and Sports Traumatology. Preserving the mobility of the human body is the key to a better quality of life. SalusGate, manages and coordinates a complete customised Medical Pathway Programme, carried out in the best medical structures, offering the highest standard and expertise guaranteed by specialists devoted to the “Made  in Italy” philosophy. Thanks to SalusGate TM (Taylor Made), the patient will be offered a completely personalised medical approach according to their health needs and expectations. Should the patient require it, our team of Health Specialists can be asked to practice in medical structures abroad, as long as these are certified and qualified to meet the standards set by SalusGate.

Michela Papadia

      Medical Tourism Manager


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