Terms and Conditions

General provisions

The use of this website, run by Salusgate, is subject to the following conditions.

These Terms constitute a contractual agreement between User and Salusgate regarding the use and registration on the website as well as the publication of information on the latter. Different and distinct will be the service conditions applied to the User / Customer who requires Salusgate to carry out a brokering business to move to Italy to receive medical care. The User shall print and retain a copy of the above conditions. The acceptance of these conditions is provided with the mere fact of surfing the web pages.

It is stated that they are subject to updates and changes without prior notice. The access after the modification entails the full acceptance of the new terms of use by the User.

The nature of the information published on the website

The information contained on the website is intended for information on a global basis, does not constitute medical or clinical counseling and does not in any case replace medical assistance or advice. The notions of medicine and any information about medical or alternative medical procedures and / or product descriptions of medicines or products used in the articles are merely an illustration and do not alone acquire the essential experience for their use or practice.

The website contains articles on medical topics and although the information is accurate it may not apply to the specific symptoms. The website provides information for the User to understand whether medical tourism may have some usefulness for him / her; It is therefore necessary that the person conducts personal research in such a way as to choose consciously and understand whether he / she can go abroad to receive medical care. For this purpose, the User who needs advice on a specific health problem should consult a trusted physician regarding the pathology and all related health problems or questions and to compare the various options available, including procedures, treatments, medicine, qualifications, destinations and travel options.

Nothing on the site can be interpreted as an attempt to offer medical opinion so Salusgate can not be held responsible for the results or the consequences of any use or for any use or attempt to use any of the published information.

It should be noted that in order to assist the User in making an informed decision, the medical care provider abroad will require medical documentation so that it can be examined. Salusgate

will transmit medical and electronic documentation on behalf of the User to the Healthcare Providers selected by the User to review the clinical history and the current condition. Salusgate does not examine the clinical documents as it is not a healthcare provider but limits itself to the transmission by mail or fax on behalf of the User. Consequently, the User assumes all responsibility regarding the decision to undergo medical treatment abroad and agrees to keep Salusgate from any claim arising out of medical treatment or advice offered by the healthcare provider.

Personal data

The User must be able to access the information and the website without providing any personal data. However, if the User wishes to receive detailed and private documentation by e-mail, he / she must fill in a form, in which case the personal data provided will be recorded and inserted into a database whose security and privacy officer is Salusgate who undertakes to use it for the sole purpose of providing the information requested by the User to transmit commercial offers to his / her profile by ordinary or electronic mail. All the personal data provided by the website Users through the form can not be shared or reused by third parties. Could be used anonymously

the information about pages visited on the website, navigation time, and information downloaded by Users, for statistical purposes only, to improve the provision of services and to perform basic administrative functions.

Any personal information sent to this Web site will be used in accordance with the personal data processing information provided at the following link. It is stated that by sending sensitive data linked to identification data on the website there is a risk for you of being identified with your specific pathology, so it is noted that: this wesite does not require your name and last name during the registration process but you can keep your anonymity using just a nickname such as User Name that would not allow you to to go back to your identity; the e-mail address is not automatically published; regarding the content posted by the User, it is recommended that he / she reflect on the opportunity to enter his / her personal information (including e-mail address) or photos or videos that may also indirectly reveal his / her identity; It is also recommended to pay particular attention to the possibility of inserting into your own statements data that may also indirectly reveal the identity of third parties such as, for example, other people who have the same pathology as the author of the post; to be fully aware that the text published on the website forum (ie what is posted) is automatically indexed by Google and other search engines.

User Obligations

In order to visit this website, the User must be of age and legally able according to the laws of the country of residence, in any case the use is forbidden to children under eighteen. The User is required to use the website and the services offered in compliance with the law, public order and good habits and what is set forth in these Terms of Use. In case the User wishes to access the reserved area, a registration form must be completed; The data that will be provided at the time of the registration will be the subject of the treatment described in the information provided by the Legislative Decree n. 196/03 on this link which will be submitted to the User before the registration process. In order to integrate or modify his / her personal information, the User agrees to provide true and strictly necessary information to enjoy the services provided by Salusgate.

When the account is activated, the User is required to use strictly it, and the related user-id and password, legitimately and correctly, also in light of the legal consequences associated with this use.

The User should carefully and diligently keep the user-id and password related to his / her account, and in the case of abduction and loss he / she has the obligation to promptly notify this fact asking for its deactivation; In the absence of such notice, all manifestations of will, acts and facts of legal effects made through the account of the User will be undoubtedly attributed to these effects.

The User undertakes not to access restricted areas if he /she is not the true and legitimate holder of access credentials.


If the User wants to purchase a service or a product, he / she must provide true, complete, correct credit information and must ensure that his / her credit card payment will be made on a regular basis and will not be rejected.

Obligations, guarantees and exemptions from Salusgate's liability

Salusgate undertakes to provide the User with the online usability of the website and the services offered on it, as well as the communication tools associated with them, while ensuring that the implementation is compatible with the current evolution of the IT tools. Salusgate will not be liable for any malfunction of the website and / or software for missed or misleading communications deliveries, service interruption, accuracy, quality or nature of the information obtained through the services or the consequences derived from or related to any virus transmitted through the services.

Salusgate does not provide any guarantee regarding the updating of the information placed on the website.

The User is solely responsible for the use of the website and the services offered as well as the of the information contained therein. Salusgate reserves the right (but not the obligation) to monitor all material posted on the website, and may process, delete, remove any content, message or comment that, at its sole discretion, contains inappropriate content or is in violation of the present conditions.

Published information may be inaccurate, incomplete or misleading; Salusgate does not filter the content of what is being released, therefore the User will have to use his / her common sense and verify the affirmations published by third parties.

Salusgate will in no way be held liable for any particular, direct, indirect or consequential damages of any kind resulting from the use or the reliability of the data available on the website.

Links to other websites

This website contains links to third-party websites. Those websites to which this electronic link refers are not under the control of Salusgate, therefore the latter does not take any responsibility for the content of such websites, their terms of use or privacy policies.

Salusgate provides the User with such links for convenience but does not automatically imply endorsement, sponsorship, or affiliation with the website to which the link is addressed. The linked websites are owned by independent vendors or service providers who manage them in a completely independent way and therefore Salusgate can not ensure that the User will remain satisfied with their services. It is appropriate for the User to carry out all the checks he may deem necessary before commencing any transactions with such third parties, in the same way he / she shall consult the privacy terms and privacy policies of these websites prior to their use, taking any and all risks.

Intellectual property

This website is protected by applicable copyright laws. The User is prohibited from copying or otherwise learning, publishing, disseminating, transmitting or otherwise making available, even partially and / or following modifications, as published on the website. Salusgate authorizes the use of the website and its contents for personal and non-commercial use only, allowing access to the website, as well as the printing of individual pages or sections of the website, within these limits.

If the User publishes Salusgate's website content through his own account on a Social Network, he / she assumes any responsibility that may result from it.

Applicable law

This website is managed by Salusgate from an office in Italy. The law applicable to the relationships arising from the use of the service is the Italian one, in the light of which the present conditions of use will also have to be interpreted. All disputes between the User and Salusgate are reserved to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Milan Forum. Anyone who decides to visit this website from other places does it at their own risk and is responsible in compliance with local legislation, including legislation on the transmission of technical data exported from Italy or from the country where the User resides.

If the provisions of this Agreement are found to be invalid or unenforceable, they will in any case be interpreted in such a way as to reflect the common intentions of the parties in accordance with the remaining provisions of this Agreement.