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Backache - Spinal Surgery

The vertebral column is the backbone of our whole organism: it maintains global stability and guarantees optimal mobility on all kinds of surfaces. "Back pain" is one of the most frequent pathologies in the world: about 80% of adults suffer from this lumbar, dorsal or cervical pain. In some cases the pain is not only in the back but there is a sciatica or a pain that radiates from the buttock to the leg. The causes can be different: incorrect posture, great effort, sports accidents, as well as family predisposition.


Among the different medical areas treated by SalusGate, the spinal surgery, certainly, is the one which can be considered our excellence throughout Europe.

The staff of spinal surgeons who collaborate with SalusGate include key opinion leaders of top level: this allows finding the best solution for patients, directing them to the best specialist according to the specific pathology.

The pathologies of the vertebral column we can treat are the following:

herniated disc, spondylolisthesis, cervical and thoracolumbar traumatic injuries, adult scoliosis, pediatric and adolescent scoliosis, cervical myelopathy, primary and secondary tumors of the cervical spine and many others.

Thanks to collaborations with avant-garde clinical structures, the interventions proposed both in Italy and in Spain can be performed with percutaneous and minimally invasive techniques: this allows optimal results from the clinical point of view, and at the same time lessens blood loss and reduces the terms of post-operative hospitalization and healing to the minimum.

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