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SalusGate is a medical-tourism facilitator offering a unique and distinctive service throughout Europe. SalusGate is focused on personalised individual treatments for many disorders and a strong approach to Preventive Care. Thanks to our organisation and long-standing partnerships with all the major European medical professionals and health providers, our clients can plan and entirely customise their treatments by personally choosing from a vast number of locations, the best selection of highly specialised surgeons, clinics, hospitals, healthcare providers and tourism operators. SalusGate stands out from the other medical-tourism facilitators thanks to its strong commitment to Medical Education by systematically organising upgrading courses and events in the most advanced surgical techniques and scientific advancements.



SalusGate pays great attention to the increasing health expectations by patients worldwide.  Thanks to its great knowledge and insight of the European Healthcare System, SalusGate manages and coordinates a complete customised Medical Pathway Programme carried out in the best European medical structures, offering the highest standard of expertise by the best specialists available.  Thanks to SalusGate TM (Taylor Made) our patients are offered a completely personalised medical approach according to their health needs and expectations. When requested, SalusGate will organize a team of dedicated Health Specialists who will practice in the desired medical structures, if these are certified and qualified to meet the standards set by SalusGate.



All our Consultants and Physicians are involved in continuous research as well as training and ongoing scientific exchange.  They are constantly attending and participating at the most prestigious International Scientific Meetings and Training Workshops. SalusGate EDU, our Educational Division, aims to offer to all Health Professionals, Medical Teams and Health Structures, an ongoing upgrading and formation pathway carried out by top European Medical Key Opinion Leaders renowned Worldwide for their knowledge and expertise.

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