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Urology - Urological Surgery

Urology is a specialized medical and surgical branch that deals with pathologies affecting male and female urinary system and male external genital organs. Among the main urological pathologies are the tumors of male urinary and reproductive systems, including prostate cancer.

SalusGate collaborates with clinical facilities that offer the best diagnostic and therapeutic standards of urological and andrological diseases, accompanied by treatment plans dedicated to the patient’s individual and specific clinical conditions and pathologies.

Both in Italy and Spain many surgical activities are performed with the best technologies and methods: the most advanced and the least invasive ones. The advantages are the containment of pain, the reduction of r the convalescence time and the guarantee of results superior to traditional surgery.

The multidisciplinary team has extensive experience in the field of laparoscopic and robotic minimally invasive surgery; In particular, one of our partner centers boasts numerous record results, including the first laparoscopic adrenal gland removal in Europe.

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