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Orthopedics is the surgical discipline that deals with the treatment of locomotor disorders. It includes traumatology whose main object is the treatment of injuries due to trauma.

SalusGate collaborates with various clinical structures of orthopedic excellence, in which the team is made up of highly professional orthopedists who collaborate with traumatologists and anesthetists in order to obtain excellent surgical results.

Thanks to the latest generation technologies, the outpatient activity offers very high standards thanks to diagnostic imaging instruments (traditional radiology, nuclear magnetic resonance, CT scan, ultrasound) with the aim of the correct diagnostic classification.

Taking advantage of collaborations with numerous sports medicine centers, SalusGate is able to offer innovative and proven therapeutic solutions for sportsmen; our orthopedic surgeons are specialized in particular anatomical districts, guaranteeing maximum hyperspecialization in their field: we propose hand, foot, hip, knee, shoulder and column surgeons.

A particular focus of SalusGate is the prosthetic surgery of hip, knee and shoulder, in which the most qualified and innovative types of implants are used.

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