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Vertebral Column Tumors

The vertebral column can be affected by various forms of cancer. In most cases these are secondary tumors, or bone metastases resulting from neoplasms in other parts of the body, such as breast, lung, kidney, stomach or others.

A little less frequently they are so-called "primitive" tumors: these affect directly the vertebral column bones or the spinal cord.

SalusGate collaborates with the best European vertebral surgery and oncology centers, which have been conducting scientific research for many years. The experience gained over time has led to the development of diagnostic evaluation techniques and advanced therapeutic planning: staging system of WBB primary tumors, as well as an algorithm for the treatment of vertebral metastases.

The surgical activity of the medical staff proposed by SalusGate includes surgical treatments of both primary and secondary vertebral neoplastic lesions, benign and malignant. This surgery includes:

• Single or multiple monoblock vertebrectomy

• Monoblock vertebrectomy enlarged to surrounding organs (thoracic wall, large vessels, lung parenchyma)

• Anterior-posterior vertebral stabilization 

• Arthrodesis

• Percutaneous vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty

• Bone biopsy

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