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Oncology is the specialized branch of medicine that deals with the study and treatment of tumors.

For this pathology SalusGate relies on clinical structures that offer the highest diagnostic and therapeutic standards of various oncological and hematological diseases. Particularly important is the development of innovative therapy modalities in so called "big killers", such as breast cancer, lung tumors and gastrointestinal neoplasms.

Basing on the type of oncological pathology the patient is suffering from, SalusGate offers the best solution for each individual case. We have oncology teams that collaborate with radiologists and nuclear physicians; together they use latest-generation diagnostic devices that make it possible to produce timely and in-depth diagnostics. This close cooperation between doctors lets choosing a fundamental integrated therapy in modern oncology care.

In this regard, in Italy operate centers of adrotherapy, which is a very advanced form of radiotherapy, also allowing the treatment of radioresistant tumors or tumors located near "critical" organs or organs "at risk". The intrinsic properties of hadrons, compared to X-rays used in conventional radiotherapy, allow applicating conformal dose distribution "around the tumor" with greater precision, saving the surrounding healthy tissues.

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