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Dialysis is a process that expels from the body waste and liquids that kidneys are no longer able to remove. The purpose of dialysis is also to keep the organism balanced by normalizing the levels of various substances in the blood. Without dialysis, all patients with renal failure would die due to the accumulation of toxins in the bloodstream.

SalusGate boasts several partnerships with specialized centers that offer very high standards of dialysis; we always send the patients who come to us to the ideal facilities for this type of treatment, where they can do their daily therapy while being on holidays. In particular, the structure of Marbella is located in the main tourist center of the Costa del Sol, facing the sea, and welcomes international patients from all over the world. With the aim of offering maximum comfort to its patients, the center provides comfortable armchairs with electrical control, free WIFI service, television and individual lights.

In addition, the hemodialysis unit provides foreign patients with a team of interpreters into different languages ​​(English, German, French, Russian, Scandinavian and Arabic, and others ​​on request) in order to make the patients feel at ease during the treatment course surrounded by people who speak their native language.

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