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Neuromotor Rehabilitation

SalusGate boasts solid partnerships with the best European facilities specialized in neuromotor rehabilitation, in order to treat children and adults suffering from neurological diseases, even serious ones.

The team of specialists who follow the patient is multidisciplinary: physiotherapists, neuropsychiatrists, speech therapists, masseurs, psychologists, nurses, occupational therapists are joined by primary care physicians and neurologists in a close collaboration aimed at targeted and effective rehabilitation for each individual. The patients treated in our clinics report improvements already after the first intensive rehabilitation cycle: the new technologies, applied on the basis of the original Adeli technique, allow obtaining the best results for the patient and improve the quality of his life, regardless of his age.

We can treat all forms of neuromotor disorders in both adults and children (including newborns), such as strokes, cerebral palsy, cranial traumas, spinal injuries, severe scoliosis, neuroinfections, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis and many others (on request).

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