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We Believe in Innovation

SalusGate is a dynamic, innovative and highly specialised company which ranks as one of the first Italian operators in the Medical Tourism industry. Throughtout the years we have consolidated strong parternships with major health structures, consultants, specialised surgical teams, healthcare providers and medical companies. We are the only  Medical Facilitator concerned with Medical Education, Research and Surgical Technique upgrading.  

Our Philosophy

SalusGate's Head Office

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Medical Tourism Specialist - специалист по медицинскому туризму

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      +39 02 58027359

Irina Burlakova - Ирина Бурлакова

"We are here to take care of your every single need and offer state-of-the-art service for both patients and their companions. Our expert staff will follow you through every step to guarantee the best in Italian service and hospitality"

Certified Medical
Tourism Professional